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CPR level HCP

We proudly offer CPR level “C” for health care providers (also known as CPR “HCP”). This course is the most comprehensive CPR course available and is designed for health care workers including therapists, doctors, medical students, nurses, lifeguards, dentists and anyone working in a health care environment. This course includes all of the topics involved in CPR level “A” and “C” and adds additional components with pulse checks, bag-valve masks and two-rescuer CPR. To register for this course scroll to the bottom of the page to view all available dates, times and locations for this class.

Workplace Approved Certification

Participants that complete this course will receive a workplace approved CPR “HCP” certificate that is valid for 3 years and meet Alberta workplace and academic standards.

Course Price

The cost of this workplace approved CPR course is –. Course fee includes taxes, workplace approved certification and manual. We promise not to surprise you with any hidden costs.

CPR level "HCP" courses in Fort McMurray

CPR level “HCP” courses in Fort McMurray


To register for CPR level “HCP” scroll to the bottom of the page or contact us via telephone.

Course Content of CPR level HCP

A workplace approved CPR “HCP” includes the following content

  • The role of a first aider
  • The recovery position / H.A.IN.E.S
  • Obstructed airway recognition and management for adults, children and infants
  • Assisting with medications / 5 rights of medication
  • Circulatory emergencies including heart attack, stroke and angina
  • CPR for adult, child and infant victims
  • Managing deadly bleeding
  • CPR modification for spinal injuries / Jaw thrust
  • Pulse checks
  • Artificial respiration / rescue breathing
  • Two rescuer CPR
  • How to use a bag-valve mask

Private Courses of CPR level HCP

We offer CPR “HCP” private courses for almost any size group. Contact us via email or telephone to get a quote and book a class today.

Refunds and Transfer

We do not accept refunds or transfers within 72 hours of the course. Prior to this time you can receive a full refund.

Additional Information about CPR level HCP

100% attendance is required to pass the course. Participants will have to complete a multiple choice test with a minimum grade of 75% to successfully pass the course.