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First Aid Courses

Welcome to Fort McMurray First Aid. We are the leading workplace approved provider of first aid and CPR certification courses. We offer our courses at the lowest prices, in comfortable classrooms with knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Our training classes are conveniently located with plenty of parking. Registration can be completed quickly and conveniently either by telephone, email or via on-line registration. Select the course you need from below for more information or to register.

Select Your First Aid and / or CPR Course

Standard First Aid and CPR – This course is the most popular workplace approved training class. It is a two day course that covers a wide range of topics including CPR and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED).

First Aid Course Classroom

Participants that enrol with Fort McMurray first aid will receive training in clean, comfortable and conveniently located classrooms.

Individuals that work in the oil and gas industry are required to be certified with this course. Certification meets Alberta workplace requirements and is valid for 3 years.

Emergency First Aid and CPR Courses

– This popular one day first aid and CPR course includes AED training. This class is typically completed within 8 hours. Successful participants receive a certificate upon completion of the course that is good for 3 years.

Standard Childcare First Aid and CPR – This 2 day course is designed for individuals that work in the childcare or daycare industry. Awards are valid for 36 months and meet Alberta workplace requirements for daycare and child-minding workers.

CPR Only Courses – Individuals that need only CPR training can enrol in workplace approved stand-alone CPR courses. Participants can select from either CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP”. All classes and certifications include training in the use of AED’s.

Re-Certification Courses – Individuals that need to renew expiring awards can do so by taking one of our workplace approved first aid and / or CPR re-certification programs. To see if you meet the pre-requisites and if a course is available visit our re-cert course page.


All of our courses meet Alberta workplace requirements and standards. Certificates are valid throughout Canada and are current for 3 years unless otherwise stated by your workplace.