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Importance of First Aid during a Boil Water Advisory

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For residents who have experienced the well-televised severe flooding in the Fort McMurray area in 2013, following a Boil Water Advisory is not really a new concept. The advisory was ordered by government officials after a series of heavy rains caused severe flooding in the area which led to the contamination of Fort McMurray’s water sources. Hence, the advisory was ordered to save the lives of residents who are still in their homes and are using their faucets as their main source of water for drinking and cooking. However, there are times wherein this technique can actually put the life of those who follow it in danger. Here is the reason why taking Fort McMurray first aid classes is important.

How Can the Boil Water Advisory Save Lives?

One of the most devastating effects of environmental emergencies is water contamination since it makes water from dams and other sources unfit to drink. When this happens, residents can no longer rely on their faucets when it comes to the water that they are going to drink or use for cooking since it is already inhabited by microorganisms that can cause deadly medical emergencies. Using electrical devices that make use of water directly from pipelines such as coffee makers are unadvisable as well. However, by boiling water the right way, these microorganisms can be killed which makes water from pipelines safe for consumption.

How Can the Boil Water Advisory Endanger Lives?

Cooling a Burn with Cold Clean Water

Cooling a Burn with Cold Clean Water

According to several studies, kitchens in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels and clubs have higher burn incidence rates than residential establishments since employees always encounter hot surfaces such as hot ovens and stoves. If employees who have worked in fast-paced kitchens for years can still suffer from burns through contact with boiling water and hot surfaces, then residents who are not used to following a Boil Water Advisory is at a higher risk for suffering from burns by boiling water. Considering that hot water can cause third degree burns, following the Boil Water Advisory can be dangerous especially if there are no first aid rescuers around.

Why Should You Take Fort McMurray first aid classes?

One of the most effective ways to ensure that the burnt area does not develop infections and other medical problems is to immediately apply proper first aid techniques which include covering and lowering the temperature of the area. By taking Fort McMurray first aid classes, local residents will learn how to take care of burn victims that have followed the Boil Water Advisory during environmental emergencies.

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