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Taking Fort McMurray First Aid for Sexually Transmitted Infections

Fact Checked

Many residents pass up the opportunity to take Fort McMurray first aid classes because of the common misconception that the skills that they will learn in these classes are not applicable in real life. What they do not realize is that sexually transmitted infections, which are some of the most infectious types of diseases, are affecting more and more For McMurray residents each year and through Fort McMurray first aid classes, these infections and diseases can be managed with minimal to no transmission. This is why it is important to learn more about the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections in the area in order to determine the usefulness of Fort McMurray first aid classes in real life.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: A History of Spiking Numbers

According to many health experts and researchers, Fort McMurray suffered from a spike in the number of Syphilis cases back in 2008. many attribute the spike in the number of people who participate in one-night stands through bars and the population of sex-trade workers in the area. It was also claimed by experts at the Alberta Health Services that For McMurray had the highest number of Syphilis cases per capita in Canada during this year. The number of Syphilis cases also made quite a leap from 1998 to 2006 in which the ratio increased from 2 in every 100, 000 to 7 in every 100, 000 residents.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Present Problem

In a news report that was published in Fort McMurray Today about the Alberta Health and Wellness annual report for 2010, a large portion of the population is at very high risk for developing other forms of sexually-transmitted infections aside from Syphilis. These portions of the population are mainly composed of oilsands workers and young men whose populations are steadily increasing in the area. It was also stated in the report that the number of Syphilis and other sexually-transmitted infections in the area have decreased in comparison to the previous year. However, health workers claim that the number of cases can still spike at any time since the population of those who are at high risk are continually increasing.

By taking Fort McMurray first aid classes, residents can learn how to stop the infection from spreading and how to manage different medical emergency situations that can be caused by these diseases. Considering that sexually-transmitted diseases are not often reported, knowing how to prevent infection in a real-life setting can be very handy especially in Fort McMurray.

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