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CPR Courses

At Fort McMurray First Aid we offer a variety of stand-alone CPR courses for individuals that require only CPR certification. These courses do not include any first aid certification. Due to first aid not being included in these programs the classes are cheaper and shorter than the combined courses. Participants can select from either CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP”. The difference between these courses is described below.

CPR level “A”

CPR level “A” is a 4 hour course that teaches rescue techniques for only adult victims. This course is the most basic CPR course offered by St Mark James

CPR Chest Compressions

Learn the latest CPR skills by enrolling in a stand-alone workplace approved CPR course with Fort McMurray First Aid.

CPR level “C”

CPR level “C” is a 5 hour course that teaches rescue techniques for adult, child and infant victims. This is the most comprehensive CPR course for lay rescuers

CPR level “HCP”

CPR level HCP” is a 6 hour course that teaches rescue techniques for adult, child and infant victims at a health care provider level for individuals that work in the health care environment.

AED Training Included

Automated external defibrillator (AED) training is included in all of the above courses. Certificates provided to successful candidates upon completion of the course meet Alberta workplace standards. Registration can be completed either by telephone, email or on-line via this website.

For more information about any of these courses or to register please select the course you need from above or from the main menu.

Our Prices

We proudly offer the lowest prices for first aid and CPR training in Fort McMurray.


All courses are taught by experienced and trainer workplace approved first aid instructors or first aid instructor trainers. Courses and teachers meet the highest standards and provide only quality programs that are fun, educational and include hands-on training with the latest CPR training equipment.