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Health Risks after Flooding

Fact Checked

Being one of the areas that have experienced one of the worst cases of flooding in 2013, Fort McMurray residents have become more vigilant when it comes to the right healthcare and first aid management techniques that should be followed during this type of emergency. However, not many residents are aware that knowing first aid basics can still come in handy days or weeks after the flood since certain health risks can arise after this type of calamity. Here are some of these risks which can be managed by knowing Fort McMurray first aid basics.

Mosquito-borne Diseases

Lethargy: A flu-like symptom caused by mosquito-borne diseases

Lethargy: A flu-like symptom caused by mosquito-borne diseases

Despite having multiple species and types, all mosquitoes look for the same thing when it comes to the most ideal places to turn into a breeding ground or home. They look for a place that has sufficient stagnant water and receives little to no sunlight. Hence, flooded areas and houses can create the perfect home for mosquitoes which can multiply in number in a matter of days. This is why mosquito-borne diseases such as Barmah Forest virus and Ross River Virus can be a common problem. Considering the fact that these types of diseases cannot be treated directly, the survivability of the patients solely rely on the ability of rescuers to manage the symptoms. Through first aid classes, residents will learn how to do just that since they will be taught how to manage the muscle pains, rashes, fevers and flu-like symptoms of these diseases.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in areas that have experienced flooding is increasing especially in countries where many residents rely on using equipments that emit this chemical. Because of the fact that these equipments are more commonly used during environmental emergencies and power outages, this problem is common in areas like Fort McMurray. By knowing first aid, fatalities caused by carbon monoxide poisoning can be lowered since residents will learn how to identify and manage its symptoms. Through Fort McMurray first aid classes, they will also learn how to avoid this problem.


Heavy rains and severe flooding can cause power outages due to fallen electrical posts and other devices. When this happens, the electric current can flow through the water and electrocute residents that are nearby. By knowing first aid, rescuers will be able to spot potential problem areas so that residents can avoid them. They will also be taught how to manage mild electrocution which can prevent the development of more debilitating medical conditions such as hemorrhage.

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